Mark Versluis, is an electronic music producer from the Netherlands.

Music has always been a common thread in his life, starting from listening to his
parents' cassette tapes and vinyl records, then scrapping them, to taking the
first steps of creating music using computer software and hardware. who were
barely able to do this using 8-bit tracker software with only 4 channels and
mono output.

From 1996 to 1999, melodic trance music was one of the most popular emerging genres with
a lot of melodies and chords, it was a magical thing to hear and Mark was
convinced he wanted to produce it.

Around this time the trance producers of the first hour were on the charts, songs like
"Nalin & Kane - Beachball", "Paul van Dyk - For an
Angel", "System F - Out of the Blue", to name just a few
classics. and later "Chicane" with the album "Behind the
Sun", would it be possible to produce this music as well?

After a period of practice, and persistence, he sent one of his first demos to Armada
music, they liked his work, but the quality was not there yet.

Mark didn't give up and slowly the quality started to improve, and he invested in better
equipment and his records were released on real compilation CDs and had his
first Vinyl and CD releases on some smaller record labels. This was quite a
lot, this was the not yet digital age as we know it today, so having your own
music already on physical media was a sign to hold on and not give up!

In 2004 he finally got his record deal with Armada, Armin van Buuren picked up a track
made under one of Mark’s project names “ Foreign Force”, and in his A State of
Trance radio show the track “Emotional Breeze” became "future
favorite" 3 weeks in a row.

After this, Mark released several singles and remixes on various labels such as Armada,
Lange Recordings, Alter Ego Music, TRR, ATCR, Abora recordings, Kyr Records and
Afterglow Records, under different project names and sometimes in collaboration
with other producers.

His records, with project names such as Mark Versluis, Szartd, Kyamoto, Foreign
Force, Luis kala and S.T.J. were played and supported by Armin van Buuren,
Ferry Corsten, Paul van Dyk, those heroes that started it all! Unbelievable!

In 2010 Mark quit as an active music producer, but in 2020 he decided to return with a
brand new studio filled with new and powerful equipment! Everything he needs to
be able to do what he loves so much again: Make music!

New Trance music is already signed to various record labels and is ready to be released.
In addition, Mark also produces 3-minute dance/house tracks that he releases
in-house that everyone can listen to.

“Ultimately, life is all about doing what you like and staying close to yourself, the
persistent person will always win” 

Ocean TherapyOn and OnCan't Do It Like Me (Mark Versluis remix)Help me Feel AlrightForgotten Freedom (Sequentia remix)WaitingFeels Like (Mark Versluis remix)Indigo (Allan O'Marshall remix)Emotional BreezePomised LandOzoneBecherovka (original mix)