Mark Versluis, born in 1981 and raised in Velsen-Noord, is a
electronic music producer from the Netherlands.
Music has always been a common thread in his life, starting with
listening to cassette tapes and vinyl records (from parents or other family)
parents), then demolishing it. Then taking the first steps
of creating music. Mark used an Atari computer, which
was barely able to do what he wanted. That thing had an 8-bit tracker
software with only 4 channels.

From 1996 to 1999, melodic trance music was the most popular
emerging genre that enchanted Mark.
Featuring songs in the charts like "Nalin & Kane - Beachball", "Paul van
Dyk - For an Angel "," System F - Out of the Blue ", just to name a few
classics, along with its greatest example legend
"Chicane", he was sure, this was what Mark also wanted to produce.

First, his music ended up on the internet for free. He loved it
to get feedback from people, and he could use this to
improve themselves.
After a period of practice and persistence, he sent his first demo
to Armada music.
After a few days, enjoying the sun on the beach, he got over
one phone call, Armada loved his track, but they couldn't
sign for their label, because the quality was not good enough.
Of course Mark was disappointed, but they were right! He used
after all, still computers that barely had computing power and worked
still with outdated tracker software.

Slowly the quality started to improve and his records appeared
on real compilation CDs and had his first releases on some specialized ones
record labels. This was already a lot, this was the not yet digital era as we know it today, so having your own music already on physical media was a motivation to hang on and not give up!
In 2004 he finally got his record deal with Armada, Armin
van Buuren had picked up his track, and on his A State of Trance radio
show the track became "future favorite" for 3 weeks in a row.
After this, Mark released several records on various labels such as
Armada, Lange Recordings, Alter Ego Music, TRR, ATCR, Kyr Records and
Afterglow Records.
His music was played by Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul van
Dyk, are heroes who started it all!

Mark has not produced any music since 2010, but in 2020
he decided to return and he built a new studio with this time
powerful equipment, everything he needs to get back on track
do what he loves so much: make music! This time without limits!

New material is already ready, trance will always remain in his heart and there
will always come new trance records from Mark Versluis. Also Mark
now busy producing music that is more focused on the main stream, as long as it listens nicely. Still, Mark knows that the trance influences that shaped him will always be heard.

In this digital age, it's great to be able to
be able to share your music with the whole wide world, with or without
record label! So, as you can read: The story continues! The Beat Goes On!